Box Sync for Yosemite

Hi Peeps,

So, Mac OS X 10.10 came out, and it’s really cool! Until you want to run Box Sync on Yosemite. Then it’s less cool. For me, I keep all of my design files in box sync, so I NEED access to them. Not to worry, there’s a solution. Let me quickly walk you through how to fix this problem.

  1. Open “Terminal”. (Yes, it looks hard to use, but it’s not)
  2. Then copy this line of code, (CMD+C) “sudo mkdir /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools” (without the quotes)
  3. Then paste that line of code (CMD+V), into terminal, and hit enter.
  4. It’ll then do a bit of code stuff, and when it stops, type your user password. And hit enter.

Then reopen the Box Sync app, and wait about 15 seconds and your login window will appear.

You’re so welcome,

Jake Dohm

Page Anchors

Hello Peeps,

I just (re) learned a trick to link to specific portions of a page. To see an example, go to Antioch Baptist Church, the website I just recently finished, and hover over the About link in the nav bar. When you do, there are drop down menus, like you would put with pages. But if you click them, you see, all of the drop down items are just links to parts of the same page. How do you do this? First, go into your page (or post), and select Text in the top right. That will give you the actual code for the page content. Then paste this link in where you want an anchor (or a point that can be specifically linked to): <a name=”anchor”></a>. Then replace the “anchor” with whatever word you want to use to link to. Then, in your nav bar menu, or wherever you would like to add a link, for the link put the page link (such as and then add a slash (/), then a number sign/hashtag (#), followed by the anchor name. Ending up with something like this: That will link to that specific part of the page, with the top of the browser starting at the linked to line. Again, to see an example go to Antioch Baptist Church’s website, and check out the About page.